Room to learn: online and offline

Information about Corona: You cannot use our learning and work places at the moment.

Group workspace on the ground floor

1 / 4

32 workstations at 4 large tables, 3 of which are equipped with large monitors.
Connection to the monitors is possible using permanently installed connection cables via HDMI. You can use your own adapters for other connection types.

Parent-child room on the 1st floor

On the 1st floor, next to reading room I, a parent-child room with all the amenities has been created. There you will find a breastfeeding chair, play carpets, four workstations with electricity, bouncing animals, comfortable children's chairs, a KidsBox, a blackboard including colourful chalk and much more. We have also thought of a pram parking space on the " bridge " in reading room I.
The KidsBox contains: books, Lego, cot, child's seat, changing mat, (gymnastics) mat, building blocks, pens, diapers

Information about the use:

  • The room is intended for parents with children.
  • Reservation is unfortunately not possible.
  • You will receive the key for the room at the reading room issue in reading room I.

The parent-child room was designed in coordination with the working group Studying with Children and the Career & Family Support of the University of Cologne.

Internet workstations

We offer 60 Internet workstations.

Internet room on the 1st floor

16 workstations - access for everyone with a library card to our entire range of databases, e-books and e-journals
Register with your library card number.
You can save your results and take them home.

PC pool on the 2nd floor

48 workplaces - working like at home for students of the University of Cologne
Software equipment of the workstations
Access to our full range of databases, e-books and e-journals plus the complete Office program and easy download of your own programs.
Log in here with your student or personal account.
You can easily print and save your search results.

Accessible work on 2nd floor

In the study cabins 5 - 8

You work with the following hardware and software specific to the handicapped: screen readers, flat bed scanners, ZoomText magnification software

Persons with disabilities

Workstations in the reading rooms

700 workplaces, some with electricity - learning and working on site with and without a laptop
Bring your laptop. Students and employees of the University of Cologne and guests of other universities can use the WLAN via eduroam at the University of Cologne.

You use a workstation without a power supply, then charge your mobile device in the safe deposit box.

Group workstations

You will find our group workplaces on the ground floor (with electrical/electronic equipment) and on the 2nd floor.

Seminar rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors

On the 3rd floor (site plan) you will find the PC-Pool B III as well as the lecture halls B IV, V and VI.

Lecture Hall B I is located on the 4th floor (site plan).