Project DataStew

Data Stewardship in German academic research institutions - Analysis of the status quo and recommendations on training requirements and job profiles

Research data management (RDM) in institutions, research networks and projects is giving rise to new roles and task profiles that have been realised in very different ways up to now. In the context of the development of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the heterogeneity of the RDM environment is particularly evident in terms of task and role profiles as well as institutional embedding. The establishment of data stewards is a new approach in the German-speaking world to respond to the diverse challenges and thus to show perspectives for training opportunities and job profiles in RDM. However, the responsibilities and roles in the national context still need to be worked out.

The collaborative project of the University and City Library of Cologne and ZB MED is therefore investigating the current academic research environment with its various stakeholders on the concept of data steward.

In doing so, two main goals are being pursued:

  • To determine the current state of knowledge on the situation and the needs of different stakeholder groups, as well as
  • to derive recommendations for both policy and practice.

To ascertain the status quo, an analysis is first carried out. On the one hand, this is based on relevant literature and job advertisements, on the other hand, qualitative interviews are planned. On this basis, focus group discussions will be held with various stakeholders. The results of the analyses, interviews and discussions will then be translated into concrete recommendations for action.

Tasks of the UCL

The UCL is involved in all steps of the research process. It contributes its perspectives, experience and networks to support researchers in research data management.  The UCL is the collaborative coordinator.


01.02.2021 - 30.11.2022


ZB MED Informationszentrum Lebenswissenschaften (ZB MED)
Collaborative project ZB MED

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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