Students at the University of Cologne

At the moment we are unfortunately not able to be at your personal disposal in the usual way because of the corona regulations. We have compiled the latest information for you below.
The most important things:

  1. Before your visit, you must ACTIVATE your UCCard as a library card! Otherwise you will not be able to pass through the entrance system!
    To do this, you simply need to log in with your student account: then you can activate your UCCard. The (library) user number and the barcode can be found on the back of the UCCard.
  2. Books from the direct loans area and the textbook collection can be checked out immediately (verfügbar = available).
    Many other books you have to order BEFORE on our website (bestellbar = can be ordered, 1 working day in advance)!
  3. Electronic media with a green and yellow traffic light symbol can be accessed from home. For the media marked with a yellow traffic light symbol, you also need your student account and free additional software (VPN client). Registration with the library card number on the UCL website is not necessary.