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  • Historical City Library and Wallraf Library

    Minister President Wüst takes over patronage for restoration projects. The entire holdings of the Historical City Library, including Ferdinand Franz Wallraf's library, are to be restored by 2028. More information about patronage >>

  • SIS Philosophy cooperates with publisher Karl Albers

    The Specialised Information Service Philosophy (SIS Philosophy) will include selected titles from the publishing house Karl Alber in its research platform for philosophical literature The publications are from the three series Praktische Philosophie, Phänomenologie and Alber Philosophie. In accordance with the acquisition model of the SIS Philosophy, frontlist titles are licensed and backlist titles are retro-digitised. For the first time, backlist titles will be completely transformed into Open Access.

  • DFG grant for Open Access publication fees

    For the period 2022-2024, the DFG has approved the UCL's "Open Access Publication Costs" application. As a scientist the University of Cologne/Uniklinik, you can have your primary open access publication of journal articles (Gold Open Access) subsidised with 700 €.

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  • "mathematica didactica": Another Open Access journal online!

    "mathematica didactica" is a scientific and peer-reviewed open access journal for mathematics didactics. It contains original contributions on the teaching and learning of mathematics. Empirical studies as well as theoretical conceptualisations are published. Contributions from the whole range of academic research in this field are welcome.

  • 100 years UCL of Cologne - a picture journey through history

    In our anniversary exhibition, we take you on a pictorial journey through the history of the University and City Library of Cologne. Further information >>

  • Extensive downloads of e-media are not permitted under licensing law!

    Due to current events, we would like to urgently refer to the licensing information regarding the use of electronic media.
    In the case of extensive downloads, the provider may block access not only to your own computer, but also to the entire university.
    Further information under >>

  • New on offer: Science textbooks at Wiley-VCH

    We offer access to 10 important textbooks published by Wiley-VCH in the university network. More information >>

  • Extension of the test phase: 4800 SAGE Educational videos

    You can still access approx. 4,800 educational videos (documentaries, interviews, tutorials, case studies ....) from the publisher SAGE until 15.12.2021. Further information >>

  • Digital UCL in times of Corona

    We offer students and employees of the University of Cologne access to the eLibrary of Nomos and the eLibrary of the VDI Verlag. More e-media via Initiative E-Books.NRW >>

  • 24 October 2021: Libraries Day

    This year, the UCL Cologne is focusing on the topic: "E-media preferred". We provide facts on the topic of e-media and show why e-books & co. are so advantageous for users and for us as a library. Further information >>

  • 21.04.2021: Launch of the Virtual Jesuit Collection Cologne - a LAM project (Library, Archive, Museum) of the ULC Cologne.

    Our three-person "Jesuit team," a doctoral student, a graduate librarian, and a student assistant, searched the holdings of the Gymnasium Library set up at our facility for books from the Jesuit Library and presented the results of their work to the Cologne Gymnasium and Endowment Fund in the form of a collection portal on April 21, 2021.

    Learn more about the Jesuit Collection Cologne >>

  • New for scientists: "Research & Publishing"

    The new navigation point "Research & Publishing" provides our services for scientists at the University of Cologne. Do you have questions about the data management plan or open access publishing? You will find answers to these and other questions here.
    Research & Publishing >>

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