More e-media via Initiative E-Books.NRW!

We offer students and employees of the University of Cologne access to the eLibrary of Nomos and the eLibrary of the VDI Verlag.

How do you access e-books?

Access is via the SpringerLink platform. This is only possible within the university network. Members of the University of Cologne can also access the e-books from home via a VPN connection.

Whether the individual e-books will be searchable via the UCL-Portal in the future is still undecided.

How long are the titles available?

The titles are permanently available to you.

Initiative E-Books.NRW

The provision of the approximately 110,000 e-books was carried out as part of the state-wide license agreements of the Initiative E-Books.NRW of the Ministry of Culture and Science. The negotiator here was the NRW University Library Center.