More e-media via Initiative E-Books.NRW!

We offer students and employees of the University of Cologne access to the eLibrary of Nomos and the eLibrary of the VDI Verlag.

How do you access e-books?

Access is via the Nomos eLibrary platform resp. the VDI Verlag-eLibrary - Knowledge for Engineers platform. In the future, we are working on providing access to the titles in our UCL-Portal.
Members of the University of Cologne can also access the e-books from home via a VPN connection.

How long are the titles available?

The titles are initially available until 31.12.2023. After 31.12.2023, the titles that have been most in demand will automatically be available in perpetuity.

Initiative E-Books.NRW

The provision of the approximately 110,000 e-books was carried out as part of the state-wide license agreements of the Initiative E-Books.NRW of the Ministry of Culture and Science. The negotiator here was the NRW University Library Center.