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Status: April 26, 2022

New databases

Subject area: Art history

  • Database: Artists of the world

    The largest database of visual artists from all over the world and all epochs with 1,257,679 entries has so far been published under the title Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (AKL). (Status 4/2022). The new interface isn't quite finished yet. Announced functionalities (e.g. thematic collections or maps of the exhibition progress of the artists) are not yet available. The content corresponds to the previous AKL, which can still be called up under the old interface.

Subject area: Economics

  • Module IEA statistics of the database OECD iLibrary
    A licence was purchased for the "IEA statistics" module of the OECD iLibrary, which was released on a trial basis in February.

- Provision via the "Nationwide National Licenses" project:

Subject area: Biology ; Chemistry ; Medicine

Subject area: General and comparative linguistics and literature ; Anglistics, American studies ; History ; Theology and religious studies

Subject area: Theology and religious studies

Subject area: History ; Theology and religious studies

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