Calligraphy Intuitive

An exhibition by Chin-fa Cheng

14.01. - 10.04.2022

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing - however, with the term "Calligraphy Intuitive", the intuitive writing is in the absolute foreground.

"Through a quick and non-thinking writing process, it is possible for the writer to reach the deepest source of the heart, from there all the strong creative energy gushes forth," says Mr. Chin-fa Cheng, private lecturer at the University of Cologne. He goes on to say that the artist serves only as a medium for the unfoldment of self-nature (also called Buddha-nature or emptiness). "The use of emptiness" is strongly influenced by the Chinese Zen Buddhist view of art-making, he says. Through meditation, Zen practitioners seek to become free from their own ego-centeredness. Buddha-nature often refers to the so-called universal ability of all living beings to become Buddhas.

Before writing, it is best for the artist not to have any ideas about individual characters or compositions. As soon as the brush with ink touches down on the white paper and moves quickly, the writer reaches a spiritual realm of "non-duality". Hand and spirit of the writer and his writing utensils are intuitively united in calligraphy.


Chin-fa Cheng was born in Taiwan in 1948. He studied Chinese art history at the National Taiwan University, where he underwent intensive studies of calligraphy with Master Chuang Yen (1899-1980) and ink painting with Ye Shih-Chiang (1926-2012). Cheng received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service in 1976 and was thus able to continue his studies in Germany.

After his first solo exhibition at the Heidelberg University Library, numerous solo and group exhibitions followed in the USA, Taiwan, Italy, France, Belgium and of course Germany. At the 2021 International Calligraphy Exhibition in Taiwan, Chin-fa Cheng was also able to demonstrate his skills again.

Since 2017, Chin-fa Cheng has been a private lecturer at the East Asian Seminar/Chinese Studies of the University of Cologne.





Workshops for beginners and advanced learners with and without Chinese knowledge

Course instructor: Chin-fa Cheng

Dates: 23.01, 20.02.,27.03, 24.04., 25.05., 19.06., 21.08., 18.09.,16.10.2022

Location: Arnulfstraße 3-5 in Cologne-Sülz

Course fee: 110 € incl. material costs and lunch

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Press report on the exhibition in the Liberty Times in Taipei Taiwan:


University and City Library Cologne, showcase in front of the cafeteria, Universitätsstrasse 33, 50931 Cologne

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to midnight - Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Mr. Chin-fa Cheng

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