Cologne in view of the ARFO - a photo club shows itself

10.08. - 16.10.2022

With this exhibition, ARFO presents a cross-section of its photographic work from and about Cologne. It shows well-known shots but also images from completely unknown perspectives of the various districts.

The ARFO, as the club is affectionately called, was founded on April 1st, 1954 as a "working group for photography at the railway post office 10 Cologne - Deutz". Over the course of its history, the company club developed into a community that is open to all photo enthusiasts. Every second Tuesday of the month, the club meets for a team evening in Cologne-Nippes.

Photographing and preparing prints is ARFO's passion, but the light image in the form of beamer projections is also cultivated. Photo trips, photo meetings and workshops are also organized. With its range of services, the club is now one of the strongest of its kind in the Cologne area. Exhibitions are held every year, e.g. in adult education centres, libraries, in post and telecom buildings, in the Patrizia Tower, in hospitals, in the chamber of industry and crafts, in the Kalk-Karree, in the City Center Chorweiler or in the Cologne arcades. In 2020, due to Corona, the club put the first digital exhibition online on Instagram with the topic "mobility".

A club champion is also elected annually, once in the “Projection Color” category and secondly in the “Projection Black/White” category. In 2021, for example, Georg Köves was able to convince with his recordings in both categories.

Beginners and professionals, men and women, old and young, big and small, Cologne and Imis meet - all for the joy of photography and for the fun of it.


University and City Library Cologne, showcase in front of the cafeteria, Universitätsstrasse 33, 50931 Cologne

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to midnight - Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.