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Hittorff Collection at the University and City Library Cologne

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A Cologne artist designed Paris

The artistic estate of the architect Jakob Ignaz Hittorff came to the City of Cologne in 1898 after the death of his son and heir Charles-Joseph Hittorff. The books on art and archaeology acquired by Hittorff on long local journeys came to the UCL, which was newly built in 1920, via the municipal library. The library contains albums with around 2500 original drawings. These master drawings and working sketches are currently being published step by step.

The Hittorff Collections

The scientific edition of the UCL Cologne albums with architectural drawings by J.I. Hittorff is provided by art historian Michael Kiene. The German Research Foundation (DFG) financed a project to inventory the drawings from Hittorff's expedition to Italy in 1822-1824.

Four inventory volumes have been published to date in the "Schriften der Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln":
Vol. 1 The Construction Projects, 1821-1858 (1995)
Vol. 2 The albums of Jean-François-Joseph Lecointe (1783-1858). Architectures, sketches and visions (2005)
Vol. 3 The Italian Journey, 1822-1824 (2012)
Vol. 4 The Album "Sicile Moderne" Drawings from a pilgrimage to the true paradise of the arts (2013)
Vol. 5: "SICILE ANCIENNE" Hittorff and the architecture of classical Sicily (2017)
Vol. 6: "Homage to Hittorff : 1792-1867 : Pictures, books and tributes" (German) (2020)
Vol. 7: Color into life : Hittorff's laves émaillées, 1834-1841 (2018)

A large part of Hittorff's graphic heritage is housed in the Graphische Sammlung of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museums & Fondation Corboud Cologne.

Some parts of the estate can be found in the Historical Archieve of the City of Cologne and the Cologne City Museum. Other Hittorff objects are now in museums and archives in Paris, Italy and the USA.


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