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Engländer - rara avis in terris

Among the outstanding private libraries last transferred to USB Cologne is the collection of Hans Engländer. The natural scientist and long-time professor at the University of Cologne bequeathed 4,000 extraordinarily valuable books from the field of zoology, especially ornithology, to the USB in his will. Hans Englländer was not only an excellent scientist, but also an excellent book expert, both special features which were combined in his library. He collected precious manuscripts, incunabula, early modern editions and some of the 19th century, including many rare works of impressive beauty and in excellent condition, all his life. With this collection, the USB Cologne moves into the first row of German libraries with large stocks of zoological literature, alongside Berlin, Munich and Wolfenbüttel (R. Schlenker).

The Hans Engländer Collection is currently under construction.