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Colonialism and African Diaspora on Picture Postcards

The digital collection Colonialism and African Diaspora on Picture Postcards comprises 3027 postcards showing Africans and African-Americans in the period of colonialism. It is based on the collection of a private person from Hamburg who released the scans for digitisation.

This digitisation was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and supervised by Prof. Dr. Margit Szöllösi-Janze and Prof. Dr. Norbert Finzsch as part of the Cultural Studies Research College "Media and Cultural Communication" (SFB/FK 427) at the University of Cologne. At the end of the project, the high-resolution scans were uploaded to the collection portal of the University and City Library of Cologne, where they were processed according to various criteria. The postcards do not only contain up to ten keywords, they can also be searched for the publisher as well as the language of the handwriting and the publication.

A note of the University and City Library: The collection serves the scientific research of the colonial period and its reception and is shown exclusively for this reason on the pages of the UCL Cologne. Nevertheless, from today's perspective, the representations are racist and degrading. This applies in particular to the display of undressed persons, including children.

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