Medical Department

The medical department of the UCL is integrated in the ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences Cologne.

The foundation of today's UCL is formed in 1920 by the city's libraries, which were merged together. In addition to the municipal library (Abt. I) and the library of the commercial college (Abt. II), the library of the academy for practical medicine (Abt. III) also belonged to it. While the municipal and commercial university libraries moved into the newly built main building of the university in 1934, the so-called "Med. Dept." at the Lindenburg site, at the Medical Faculty, which had emerged from the Academy, and at the associated hospital. In 1964, the Science Council recommended that the "Medical Department of the University and City Library" be expanded into the "Central Library of Medicine (ZBM)". This was founded five years later, in 1969. The "Med. Dept." of the UCL is still integrated into the ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences Cologne Site, Gleueler Straße 60, 50931 Cologne.

You will need a ZB Med library card for the loan. This can be applied for on site free of charge. The UCL library card and the UCCard cannot be used in the ZB Med.