Libraries Day 2021

Every year on 24 October, the "Libraries Day" draws attention to the diverse range of services offered by the approximately 10,000 libraries in Germany. The day of action has been taking place throughout Germany since 1995 and was initiated by the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker.

This year, the UCL Cologne is focusing on the topic: "E-media preferred".

On the occasion of Library Day, we provide facts on the topic of e-media and show why e-books & co. are so advantageous for users and for us as a library.

Last year, for example, we bought 541,000 e-books, 87,573 e-journals and 171 database subscriptions for a total of 3.6 million euros.

By comparison, we spent 0.9 million euros on print books and journals last year.

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Costs per year: The blue graph indicates our print acquisitions, the red our e-media acquisitions from 1999 - 2020.

Figures: German library statistics


The advantages of e-books, e-journals, databases & Co.

  •  can be used simultaneously by many students, researchers and lecturers at the University of Cologne
  •  can be accessed at any time and from any location, even for night owls
  •  return periods for e-media are eliminated
  •  people with visual impairments can work with e-media with the help of additional programmes
  •  space- and paper-saving - on your desk and in our closed stacks
  •  by using e-media, we can provide literature for over 50,000 students at the University of Cologne and other users.
  •  general flexibility

Where can you find e-media?

No matter whether it's an e-book, e-journal, essay or database: You will find all media in the UCL-Portal - including those from the libraries on campus.

>> Further information on our e-media



Registered users


Library visits


Total stock of UCL
(inclusive Corporate Specialised Libraries)

4,4 Mio.

Current journal subscriptions (UCL only)

ca. 4.700

Electronic journals (UCL only)

ca. 65.000

Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan (UCL only)

1,05 Mio.

Total media advertising expenditure 2017

4,9 Mio. €

Books and journals

1,2 Mio. €

Electronic media

3,7 Mio. €

Binding costs

70.000 €

Training participants in 2017


User workplaces total


Internet workstations


Weekly opening hours main library

99 hrs