Back from restoration

In April 2018 we started our book sponsorship programme 'Wallraf's books' with 25 books in need of restoration from the library of the 'Erzsammler' Ferdinand Franz Wallraf.
12 sponsorships have been taken over so far, three of them have just returned from restoration:

Book 1: Albertus Magnus' work on minerals - 1569 - (paper restoration Dirk Ferlmann, Cologne, here >>)   

Book 2: Prayers for children - 1787 - (Tina Löhr, Cologne, here >>)

Book 3: Plea against the death penalty - 1784 - (Tina Löhr, Cologne, here >>)

Do you want to become a book patron?
All information about the sponsorship and the advantages of it are available here >>

Albertus Magnus' work on minerals - printed 1569