Patron programme - Wallraf's books

Help us to save particularly endangered books from the library of the 'Erzsammler' Ferdinand Franz Wallraf!
We will continue to collect for Wallraf's important scholarly library in 2021.
10 books are waiting for you:

Fotos: Catrin Blachani und Simon Epp

Books need caring. Become a book patron

Do you love books? Help us to preserve the rich heritage of old books: The USB houses a large old municipal book collection and numerous private libraries of well-known Cologne citizens.

As a book patron, you can support us with a donation to repair the valuable prints and bindings in need of restoration. Due to its tight budget, the library is no longer able to handle this task alone. Help us to preserve our common cultural heritage.

Thank you!

Dr. Hubertus Neuhausen
Director of the University and City Library Cologne

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Caroline Dohmen-Richter
Phone: +49 221 470-2416

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