Items located in the "Sofortausleihbereich" - SAB (instant lending area) and the textbook collection may be borrowed immediately.

Self-service shelves

Self-service shelves

Items ordered / reserved via Search & Order (in German) are usually made available to you at the self-service shelves on the 1st floor within one working day. Items must be picked up there within 10 working days (counting Monday to Friday) counting from the day you ordered them.

How to find "your" books: The capital letter at the beginning of your user number is your first orientation and then the last 6 figures.
User number: A07654321#B
Collection shelf: A 4321#B

Please check your items out using the self-service machines.

Items from the stack collection and interlibrary loans that cannot be borrowed as well as interlibrary loans of books and essays that can be borrowed will be provided to you at the reading room desk in exchange for a valid photo ID or your library card.

Loan period

For items from the closed stacks the loan period begins with the day they are ordered. For items from the textbook collection and the open stacks it begins with the day they are checked out. The loan period is 20 working days (counting Monday to Friday). The loan period for books from interlibrary loan is set by the lending library. As different loan periods apply, please refer to your receipt slip for the precise due date.

Please note: Observing the loan period is your own responsibility. Please check your user account (in German) regularly and make sure to use the renewal option on time.

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 9.00 a.m. - midnight
Sat - Sun 9.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

31.10. - 01.11.2017
Revormation Day and
All Saints' Day - Opening Hours
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UCCard = library card
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